Card Game for Mac — Solitaire Epic Review

Card Games

Solitaire is the classic card game that requires no other player but yourself. Put in some tropical island backgrounds and a few different game modes to play and you have Solitaire Epic. Mix and match, go up and down numbers, or play the regular game of solitaire in this colorful card game.

The complexity of Solitaire Epic does not go far, but the game runs smooth, the new types of solitaire are easy and fun to pick up, and for some reason I felt that beating the solitaire game was actually necessary. Solitaire Epic has card assortments to choose from before games so layouts of cards seem different each game. Other than that the rest is self-explanatory. It’s a solitaire game with its own brand of cards and its own types of playing maps.

I give Solitaire Epic a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It’s fun but it’s also solitaire.

Since Jobs leave from Apple, there are many news that said Jobs won’t comeback, Job’s will come back soon, or Apple will be nothing without Jobs. According to Leander Kahney, Editor and tutor of ‘Cult of Mac’ site, that Apple will be fine with or without Jobs although it won’t be the same again.

“Apple is full of capable professionals, and even Jobs is able to explain a vision, it doesn’t mean that he’s own imagination and refine it time to time. Among Cook (Chief Marketing Officer), Jonathan Ive (Senior Vice President of Industrial Design), Phil Schiller (Chief Operation Officer), and the other Apple, Cook is successful to role as CEO replacement,”

said Kahney. “Apple’s not-and never-Steve Jobs only. The company’s growing rapidly today. Theyre seem to have 10 different business-tablets, smartphones, digital media, retail stores-and all of them capable of running smoothly. Brilliant. New York Times analyst, Charlie Wolf, said that Apple executives’ are the best team in the world of American business.”

Kahney gives an example about Pixar. Pixar was belong to Jobs before Disney took it. And look now, Pixar still become a big company even Jobs doesn’t take apart anymore. That will  happen with Apple, it will still work properly even Jobs is in long leave now.