And Yet It Moves


And Yet It Moves is an unusual name for a unique and different physics based platform game. Although visually simple with its paper mache like appearance the landscapes of caves, trees, mountains and volcanoes are brightly colored and well done. The play itself is also simplistic but can be challenging and fun.

You need to use 2 hands to move your character around. Use the letter A to move him left, W for jumping, D to move him right. The arrow keys will rotate the entire screen. This will take a little practice since most platform games move you in one direction jumping over obstacles. In this game you may need to move the screen 90 degrees to avoid blocks, move another 90 degrees to advance your play and possibly go all the way around.

Blocks will come up and rotating the world may not be enough to clear the path. Rocks may rotate with you and possibly hit you over the head, sending you back to the beginning of the section. There are bats, a toad, bees, chimps and bananas to deal with. Some paths are easier to figure out than others but you can take your time and solve the puzzle when it comes up. This puzzle will take you up, down, upside down, climbing walls and ceilings. The shadow person will point the way and you only need to do is get to the next checkpoint. If you should fail, you will break into many pieces and return to the previous checkpoint.

There are not a lot of levels in this laid back game. 20 levels to be exact, but when you complete a level, you feel great and want to keep going in this addictive and fun platform game. Just watch out for the moving platforms in this puzzle with a tremendous twist to it. Just reach your goal! I give it a 3.5 for a great challenging platformer with a big, big twist. Turn your world upside down!

Features of And Yet It Moves:

  • 20 Mind Bending Levels
  • Platform Fun with a Twist
  • Obstacles to Overcome