Calling all physic-based puzzle gurus. You know who you are, don’t deny it. Mac game Mechanicus will challenge your brain in a fun way with its many levels of puzzles using platforms, blocks, balls, mirrors, lasers, teleporters, anti-gravity devices and more. It will be your job to move items from point A to point B. This is not a new concept, but it is done in a fun way to keep you interested and happy.

Gravity may or may not be your friend in this game. Use it to your best advantage. There are some instructions but they are sometimes hard to decipher, however, you can figure it out quickly on your own. The game starts out simply but will eventually get more difficult and challenging. You will begin with a few platforms to use to get an item down to a location at the bottom of the screen. It may be logs or barrels that can roll down if you place the given platforms (at the left of the screen) at the correct angle. When you click on the platform, a circle will appear with different actions you can take with the item like angle it to your left or right. The problem may arise when you need to place a soccer ball in a pail. Balls bounce! You have to place your boards to block these diabolical objects from jumping out of a pail. Once you set up your items how you think will work properly, click on the Go button to your left at the bottom of the controls. Hopefully, everything will go as you planned. Other items you may need to place are mirrors, dynamite, teleporters, and anti-gravity devices. Each have their own problems and challenges you must solve to complete a level. For example, the laser beam bounces off mirrors at an angle so you will need to figure out the correct radius for it to reach your target.

An unlikely person will train you to become a Space Warrior in order to protect your home planet from alien invaders that are much more powerful than you. They may be stronger and have better muscle power, but you have brains to overcome anything. You begin your training by moving logs, removing debris and other menial jobs before you can use serious weapons.

Of course, the story is not important in this addictive puzzler but it is minimal and fun. Ignore the writing and get to work on this challenging and interesting game. The artwork is simple, colorful and good. The music starts off playfully, but it gets annoying quickly. They should have decreased the sound or changed the music when you are trying to concentrate on the puzzle. If you are a fan of physics-based puzzlers like Bob Came in Pieces, And Yet It Moves, Cats Inc., Paper Munchers and Mummy’s Treasures, you will like Mechanicus. Take a chance and try this entertaining game. One warning: if you exit and start again, you will be back at the first level. Oh……..

Features of Mechanicus:

  • Colorful, Fun Artwork
  • Save the Planet in 5 Chapters!
  • Physics-Based Puzzlers, 8 Mini Games