Mummy’s Treasure


I think I’m partial to logic, physics based puzzles. I like almost all of them. Mac game Mummy’s Treasure is no exception. It makes you work on the puzzle, not aimlessly click as fast as you can on as many things possible, using your brain power and some help from your keyboard. Let your mental power take over to solve each level in a meditative fashion. The results are fantastic whether you complete the puzzle or not. When you make a mistake, it will let you know how to resolve the puzzle by seeing the many objects falling one way or another. It may take one try or several but you will figure it out eventually. Amazing!

This puzzle looks so simple you think you might get bored with it quickly, but you don’t. It keeps you hanging on until you have found the solution. It grows on you and gets very, very addictive. And, after solving an extremely difficult level, you have the satisfaction or “high” of getting “it”. Nothing less and nothing more. Why does this game grab me so much? This game makes you think and want to figure out the right method to the right path.

The story is short and simple. You are in search of the untold treasures in a lost temple. This pharaoh’s tomb holds more riches than you can imagine and you are on the fast track to retrieving all the gems and gold. In order to get the riches you play many levels of puzzles. If you succeed, you get the gold and treasure pieces, but fail and you can retry the level.

The play is simple. In each level you will see gold pieces, mummies, skeleton heads and stone blocks on various size platforms. In addition you must find gems hidden in one of the abovementioned pieces. All you need to do is click on a piece and a jewel may fly out and float to the top of the screen. You need to click on it before it disappears. Easy at first but in later levels it gets more difficult to click on and in time. The goal of each level is to keep the gold pieces on a platform and get rid of the mummy and skeleton heads. You can click on stone platforms to dissolve and watch whatever is on top topple over and drop down off the screen. Some of the pieces like the skeleton head and stone block will fly off the board after you click on it. The mummy heads will just growl when clicked. The gold masks will also stay put when clicked. In later levels the stationary pieces and platforms will start moving back and forth making keeping the gold pieces on the screen extremely difficult. Other factors making this game harder is when the faces are turned to the sides, gravity will pull in that direction so be prepared to see pieces flying sideways and upside down.

Mummy’s Treasure is a fantastic puzzler and will stump you in many levels, but you can skip levels if you want. However, I do not advise it. You will eventually figure out the answer by resetting the puzzle. Keep at it and you will know what to do. If you are into physics based puzzles, check out this original and challenging game for a good time.

Features of Mummy’s Treasure:

  • 3 Chapters of Searching for Treasures
  • 20 Levels in each Chapter
  • Physics Based Logic Game