Paper Munchers


What is it with physics based puzzlers and puzzles in general that keep you playing over and over until you get it right? You know what I mean. There’s not too much to the game but you can’t stop. Think Angry Birds, ThrowUp and Mummy’s Treasures, just to name a few great puzzles. Mac game Paper Munchers is a fun game involving monsters and falls into the category of addictive puzzlers.

There are 5 different environments in Paper Munchers from starry night, desert, underwater, icy snow and green jungle. These 5 worlds have 15 levels each. The goal for every level is to feed the wide mouth Paper Munchers. The number of large eyed little monsters you need to get into the Munchers is located at the top of the screen. You need to try to place the same color little monsters into the same color Munchers to get more bombs. You begin with so many bombs to place in the perfect location to blow up the little monsters into the waiting mouths. Getting more bombs is a must if you want to complete the more difficult levels. When you are out of bombs, the level is over. If you fail, you can start over or go on to different levels. You can also redo a level for a higher score.

The levels begin easily but get challenging quickly. Be sure to start with the first level to get the instructions. Placing the bomb in just the right position is important to pop the little monsters into the mouths. Placing it next to a little monster will only move the yummy morsels sideways. Placing it below and a little askew will move it up and to the right or left. Figuring out the correct vector for the path of the little monsters will take some practice and patience but that’s what makes this game fun.

The colorful paper torn look of the landscapes and the monsters are done on an appealing manner. The sound effects, although done well, the burping when you pass a level is a bit much for me. The music is good. Other than the satisfying your stomach sounds, this game is a fun and enjoyable. Play this innovative, colorful and simple game and see if you can feed the hungry Munchers enough little monsters to satisfy their appetites.

Features of Paper Munchers:

  • 75 Levels
  • 5 Different, Colorful Environments
  • Physics Based Puzzles