Science Girls!

Sci Fi

Little Shop of Horrors all over again! Killer plants have attacked the all girl school and are creating fear and havoc among the students and teachers. However, you and the science club girls are unfazed and boldly counterattack these people eaters.

You are the president of the science club about to meet after school for its weekly session. Your specialty is psychology, and therefore, you wear a mask for your project? You like pizza, horses and modern art. This is the profile they assign to you. You must select the level of difficulty from elementary (relaxed), standard (normal), and graduate (challenge) for your play. Jennifer the VP of the club enters the classroom. She is a biology person and is quite bossy. She will spew science facts freely while assisting you. You both hear an ear-piercing scream coming from outside the building. Both you and Jennifer run to the window on the 5th floor and see an amazing and frightening sight. The school teachers are being attacked by killer plants (Jennifer disputes they are plants but looks like plants to a psych person). We both head out to help save them, but are stopped by the intruders. Throughout the building you encounter these savage aliens, and you must battle them room by room and floor by floor in order to survive.

The play is to confront these plants in each site and exchange blows with them. You choose different attacks or flee in order to beat these things. You can punch, defend, item, use special attributes or flee from your enemies. The bad guys are hurt or they can move avoiding your assaults. As you search along the classrooms the killer plants increase or do they? They will use holograms to confuse you and dodge your punches. In each battle, depending on how well you do, you and your team will gain experience. As the aliens increase so do your team. More girls will join you in your battles against these plants. However, the girls in the back row will not be able to combat until you swap them out with the ones in the front row.

Science Girls! is a simple to learn, entertaining Mac RPG play for everyone. It’s easy enough for beginners to pick up quickly, and it also is a great game for seasoned players at the higher more difficult levels. The anime-style artwork is excellent and similar to Cute Knight. The dialogue however is funny and amusing especially if you understand Japanese. All that is missing from Science Girls is the song “Don’t Feed the Plants” or Seymour singing “Feed Me” from The Little Shop of Horrors.

Features of Science Girls!:

  • 3 Difficulty Levels
  • Hypnotize Your Enemies
  • Science Girls to the Rescue!