Spirited Heart


The town of Aravorn experiences stronger magic under the glow of a full moon and when you see a shooting star, a creature is born. It can be human, elf or demon. Each character will carry its own mysterious attributes. This is the setting for your new adventures in RPG Mac game Spirited Heart.

The play for Spirited Heart starts with you selecting your person for this play. If you choose a human, they are common in Aravorn with strength and toughness but lacking in charisma and dexterity. Sounds like a few humans I know. The  Spirited race is thin and graceful, not suited for manual labor, but excels in concentration and dexterity. The demons are rare creatures with charisma and creativity but are shunned by the others so will try to hide their identity. Each character has their own advantages and disadvantages, and their destiny is different from each other. This game has a long playability factor due to the many choices. The decisions you choose will also determine the end result or fate of each girl. I chose the demon girl whose farmer parents found her under a tree and decided to raise her as their own. She spends her days with animals and nature, and her parents are worried about her personal growth and sends her to the next town, Triberg to find her own path. She is a strong person with faith, cooking and gardening skills.

You begin your tasks with a value of 5 in your skills, and it will change depending on the choices you make. Your attributes will be modified each week with the type of jobs you choose. Each month the rarely used attributes will decrease so be careful. If you pay someone to teach you a skill, the faster your attribute will increase. However, the cost will be higher, the higher the skill. From time to time you will have special events that can dramatically change your stats. Both your morale and health are very important for your well being. Taking breaks from work will help you in these 2 factors.

You must watch your budget for the money is needed for skills, and in addition, the triannual tribute to the king will tax your earnings. It can be as high as 44%! You must be in Europe because as high as taxes are here in the U.S., it’s not that high. You will have random encounters with men who may one day become your husband.

Spirited Heart is an engaging Mac game, and you get into the well-written storyline with its many options to vary your play. The game is similar to Cute Knight, but I think the anime-like graphics are much better in Spirited Heart. Also the game doesn’t abruptly end your play as it does in Cute Knight. However, the game comes to an end when you get married or 10 years passes. You will be 28. So under the full moonlight create some magic in the land of Aravorn.

Features of Spirited Heart:

  • Many Storylines
  • Choose Your Destiny
  • Attributes and Skills