Tribal Trouble


Tribal Trouble is a fun real time strategy game for casual gamers as well as hardcore players. Although it is easy to pick up, there are several levels of difficulty to make this game quite challenging.

After a day of pillaging and raiding the Vikings drank themselves into a stupor while celebrating, and they got themselves lost on the high seas and landed on a deserted, so they thought, island. Unfortunately for them, they discovered local natives on the island who were not happy to see them to say the least. So the adventure begins with you choosing sides by playing as the plundering Vikings or the ferocious natives. Also you can play as a single player or play against others online.

The game begins on the island with your troop of either the drunken Vikings or crazy natives. You click on your people and the right sidebar will appear to start building your quarters, armory and tower. You can scroll through the sidebar for all your needs and resources. At this point you can create your peons to do the grunt work of gathering wood, rocks, iron and tropical chicken. For some reason these magical chickens make great weapons. When you shoot them into a crowd, they ricochet off your target killing more people. Rock weapons are not as effective as the iron ones, but they are produced faster. Later peons can be assigned to gather resources solely so the arsenal will be kept up continuously. The chieftain on both sides have awesome, if not demented, magical powers and can really help your side.

After the weapons are made, you can send your troops into battle. This is when the game really picks up. The deployment of some or all of your army is up to you, but it may be strategically beneficial to keep some troops at the watchtower and spread the rest of your men out.

Eventually you can build your army into the hundreds and placing your men on the different strategic areas of the small island will be to your advantage. The boundaries are limited to the island’s perimeter so you are not wasting your time looking for your men or the enemy. A red arrow will appear to show you where the battles are ensuing. The 3D map with adjustable parameters gives you a quick overview or detailed close up of all the situations. Just be careful about moving in and out too quickly, it’ll make you a little dizzy.

It will take a little practice to get used to the play but is well worth working on it. The first time I played the single player mode, my Vikings were caught flatfooted building their quarters when attacked by the vicious natives. It’s important to get your buildings up quickly so you can get to gathering your resources.

Tribal Trouble is a great RTS starter game for anyone who is interested in this type of play, and is still difficult enough for experienced players. The artwork full of goofy looking and almost endearing characters and sound effects are entertaining. The game involves you in an amusing way, but in order to beat the opposition you must bring your best strategic mind to the table.

Features of Tribal Trouble:

  • Easy to Learn
  • Buildings and Resources
  • Battles to Conquer